A Letter to Jackson Harvey, Republican National Delegate
by Thomas Katsampes

A Letter to Mr. Jackson Harvey, Republican National Delegate, in support of Mr. Trump

July 11, 2016

Dear Mr. Harvey:

Since you asked, I do NOT want a contested convention. Mr. Trump is the nominee. He won the primary process fair and square. I do not agree with him on everything but he is our nominee and I am enthusiastically supporting him. Your goal at the convention must be #neverhillary, not #nevertrump.

If #nevertrump delegates pull shenanigans such as allowing themselves to be unbound on the first ballot, and Trump does not receive the nomination, then I will leave the Republican party and advise all Republicans I know to do likewise. The Republican primary voters have spoken: Trump won the primaries and the most primary votes of any Republican candidate in history.

Not to nominate Mr. Trump at this point would mean that Delegates plainly do not care that voters have spoken, and would render utterly meaningless the entire Republican primary process.

I have been a staunch Republican and grass-roots conservative for over 20 years. I've supported honorable candidates for whom I did not particularly care, such as Mitt Romney and Bob Dole. Why? Because the perfect is the enemy of the better.

The issue of Supreme Court justices alone should motivate all our delegates to do everything they can make sure Mr. Trump is the next President.

Which would you rather have? Conservative Justices such as the ones that Mr. Trump would appoint, or left-wing, progressive Justices decidedly to the left of Merrick Garland? The culture is disintegrating (think Obergefell v. Hodges!) and we cannot afford more left-wing Supreme Court Justices. If we can elect Mr. Trump, and can manage to hold our majority in the Senate, we have a real shot to move the High Court in a more conservative direction for generations to come.

I do not deny that Trump has many personal foibles. We all have personal foibles. None are perfect. But we are electing the President of the United States, not the President of Dallas Theological Seminary.

For these reasons, Mr. Trump deserves our support!

Thomas Katsampes