Lessons from Orlando
by John Windsor, MDiv

June 13, 2016

Sunday's massacre in Orlando is already providing the pretext for depriving law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights. The facts, however, suggest otherwise.

We now know that the Orlando murderer was a devout Muslim. He was also a registered Democrat. He also held a firearms license and actually worked for a security firm, so he had evidently passed the necessary background checks. The FBI had investigated him twice, but for reasons unknown had failed to take any action against him. Finally, the shooting took place in a "gun-free" zone (as nearly all of them do).

Gun control never works because criminals by definition don't obey the law anyway. What does make much more sense is adopting Donald Trump's call for a ban on Muslim immigration. Moreover, I would like to see us deport the Muslims who are already here. Islam is an alien world view completely incompatible with our own; if you think I'm off base here, go read the Koran and the Hadith. (A good history book might help as well.)

It is possible to keep America safe; however, we must first identify our enemy, and then take sensible, decisive action to rectify the problem. Importing potential terrorists while trying to remove the ability of Americans to defend themselves from such makes no sense at all.

Although it's distressing to see what is happening in the Middle East, America is in a bad way herself. We have to quit worrying about other people's problems and start dealing with our own.