Chess Books and Articles
by Bill Wall

Publisher: Chess Enterprises
01.  300 King's Gambit Miniatures (1982)      ISBN 0-931462-17-7    80 pages
02.  500 Sicilian Miniatures (1983)           ISBN 0-931462-24-X   107 pages
03.  500 French Miniatures (1984)             ISBN 0-931462-31-2   126 pages
04.  500 Queen's Gambit Miniatures (1985)     ISBN 0-931462-38-X   127 pages
05.  Larsen's Opening (1.b3) (1986)           ISBN 0-931462-55-X    57 pages
06.  Owen's Defense (1.e4 b6) (1986)          ISBN 0-931462-50-9    65 pages
07.  500 King's Gambit Miniatures (1986)      ISBN 0-931462-57-6   101 pages
08.  500 Ruy Lopez Miniatures (1986, 1997)    ISBN 0-931462-56-8   119 pages
09.  500 Italian Miniatures (1987)            ISBN 0-931462-65-7   101 pages
10.  500 Sicilian Miniatures II (1987, 1997)  ISBN 0-931462-73-8   107 pages
11.  Grob's Attack (1.g4) (1988)              ISBN 0-931462-86-X    84 pages
12.  500 Queen's Gambit Miniatures, II (1988) ISBN 0-931462-87-8   108 pages
13.  The Orangutan (1.b4) (1989)              ISBN 0-931462-92-4    90 pages
14.  500 Indian Miniatures (1990)             ISBN 0-931462-99-1    98 pages
15.  500 English Miniatures (1990)            ISBN 0-945070-04-5   102 pages
16.  1990 World Chess Championship (1991)     ISBN 0-945470-08-8    90 pages
17.  500 Caro Kann Miniatures (1991)          ISBN 0-945470-15-0   102 pages
18.  Smith-Morra Accepted (1992)              ISBN 0-945470-22-3   118 pages
19.  Smith-Morra Declined (1993)              ISBN 0-945470-25-8   120 pages
20.  500 Pirc Miniatures (1993)               ISBN 0-945470-38-X    86 pages
21.  500 Alekhine Miniatures (1994)           ISBN 0-945470-38-X   104 pages
22.  Dunst Opening (1.Nc3) (1995)             ISBN 0-945470-48-7   106 pages
23.  500 French Miniatures II (1995)          ISBN 0-945470-54-1   117 pages
24.  500 King's Gambit Miniatures II (1996)   ISBN 0-945470-61-4   111 pages
25.  500 Scotch Miniatures (1997)             ISBN 0-945470-89-4   106 pages
26.  700 Opening Traps (1998)                 ISBN 0-945470-71-1   107 pages
27.  500 Blackmar-Diemer Miniatures (1999)    ISBN 0-945470-80-0    94 pages
28.  500 Center Counter Miniatures (2001)     ISBN 0-945470-85-1   116 pages
29.  Off The Wall Chess Trivia e-book (2001)  Pickard & Son
30   Winning with the Krazy Kat and Old Hippo (2008) Lulu (ID:3292224)
Chess Articles by Bill Wall
19th Century Chess
100 Classic King's Gambit Miniatures
100 Short Games of Chess
1903 - One Hundred Years Ago
1969 Chess Almanac
1.b4 - A History
Abrahams and Chess
ACM Computer Chess
Addicted to Chess (humor)
Age of Chess Masters
Ajeeb and Chess
al-Adli and Early Chess
Alekhine and the Nazis
Alekhine's Shorts
Alekhine Trivia
Alekhine's Writings
Amar Opening (1.Nh3)
American Open
Amsterdam and Chess
Anderssen and Chess
Annoying Your Opponent
APCT Chess Miniatures
Armed Forces Chess
Art and Chess
Artificial Intelligence and Chess
Asimov and Chess
Automatons of Chess
1.b4 - A History
Bad at Chess
Becker and Chess
Bedlam Chess
Best Games of Chess
The Bishop
Blackburne and Chess
Blackburne Shilling Gambit
Blindfold Chess
Bogart and Chess
Boi and Chess
Boleslavsky and Chess
Books, New (humor)
Botvinnik and Chess
Bourdonnais vs. McDonnell, London 1834
Budapest Traps
California Chess Miniatures
Cambridge Springs 1904
Capablanca-Marshall, New York 1918
Capablanca and Chess
Capablanca's Endgame Boner
Caxton and Chess
Celebrities and Chess (humor)
Checkers vs Chess
Chess Geek (humor)
Chess Hall of Fame
Chess Lore
Chess Names
Chess Olympics
Chess Players (birth, death, etc)
Chess Puns
Chigorin and Chess
Chronology of Chess
Combe, Robert
Composers in Chess
Computer Chess History
Correspondence Chess Trivia
Countries that are members of FIDE
Dayton Chess Club History (Dayton, Ohio)
Death of Chess Players
Definitions in Chess (humor)
Denker, Arnold
Duchamp and Chess
Dunst Opening (1.Nc3)
Durkin's Opening (1.Na3)
Earliest Chess Games
Eccentric Chess Players
ECO Opening Codes
Einstein and Chess
Epigrams of Chess
Euwe and Chess
Excuses in Chess (humor)
Ezra and Chess (Shah-mat)
Famous People Who Play Chess
Fireside Chess
Firsts in Chess
Fischer, Bobby
Fischer's Earliest Chess Games
Fischer's Tournament and Match Record
Geller and Chess
Grandmaster list
Greco and Chess
Gufeld and Chess
Hall of Fame
Headlines In Chess
Helms, Dean of American Chess
Histogram of Chess Ratings
History of Chess
Horoscope of Chess Players (humor)
Immortal Game, The (Anderssen-Kieseritzky, London 1851)
India and Chess
Janowski and Chess
Jewish Chess Players
Karpov-Hjartarson, Seattle 1989
Karpov and Chess
Kasparov and Chess
Khalifman and Chess
Knight Moves
Koltanowski and Chess
Kubrick and Chess
Larsen's Opening
Lasker and Chess
Learning Age of Chess Players
Levy and his computers (and bet)
Literature in Chess
Losing in Chess (humor)
Loyd, Sam and Chess
Manhattan Chess Club
Marshall and Chess
McDonnell and Chess
Menchik and Chess
Mieses and Chess
Military and Chess
Morphy and Chess
Morphy's Laws of Chess (humor)
Movies With Chess Scenes
Music and Chess
New Chess Books (humor)
New Orleans and chess
Nicknames in Chess
North Carolina Chess
Not Only Chess
Notation, Chess
Nottingham 1936
Occupations of Chess Players
Oddities of Chess
Old In Chess
Old Texts of Chess
Opening Frequency
Opening Names
Openings to Fit the Player
Petrosian and Chess
Philidor and Chess
Pillsbury and Chess
Playing a Chess Computer
Politics and Chess
Postal Chess
Presidents and Chess
Principles of Chess
Prodigies of Chess
Pronounce that Chess Word
Quarterly for Chess History
Quiz (Off the Wall Chess Quiz)
Ratings and Chess
Records in Chess
Reinfeld and Chess
Relatives and Spouses in Chess
Religion and Chess
Resigning in Chess (humor)
Reti Opening Miniatures
Rice Gambit
Robespierre and Chess
Robinson-Wall, Vancouver 1975 
   (appeared in Chess Informant 19 and Chess Life, May 1976)
Ruy Lopez, Bird Variation
Ruy Lopez, Schliemann
Saint George's Defense (1.e4 a6)
Scotch on the Rocks
Searching for Bobby Fischer trivia
Sevastianov, Cosmonaut and Chess Enthusiast
Shakespeare and Chess
Shilling Gambit
Short Games of Chess
Sicilian Dragon
Sicilian, Rossolimo Variation
Simagin and chess
Sleipner International News
Smyslov and Chess
Spielmann and Chess
Stamps - Chess
Staunton Chess Design
Staunton vs St Amant
Steinitz and Chess
Staunton and Chess
Tal and Chess
Tarrasch and Chess
Team Chess Names
The Immortal Game by David Shenk - A Review 
The Weak in Chess
Think Like a Grandpatzer
Thomas and Chess
Top 10 List of Rated Players
Tournaments, Strongest
Traps and Chess Miniatures
Two Knights Variation Names
Unorthodox Openings
US Chess Champions
US Chess Championship, 1845
US Open 1970
USA vs USSR Radio Match, 1945
Wall's Chess Adventures - Off the Wall Chess
Walls who play Chess
Ware Defense (1.e4 a5)
Weinsteins and Chess
Widow Chessplayer (humor)
World Chess Champions
World Championship Records
World War II and chess
Zweig and Chess
Article for Black & White Magazine (India chess magazine)
Chess Trivia - Firsts in Chess, Black & White, March 2004
Chess Trivia - Earliest Forms, etc, Black & White, April 2004
Chess Trivia - Nobel Lauretes, etc, Black & White, May 2004
Chess Trivia - History of Games, etc, Black & White, June/July 2004
Chess Trivia - Bobby Fischer Trivia, Black & White, Aug 2004
Chess Trivia - Oldest in Chess, Black & White, Sep 2004
Chess Trivia - Correspondence Chess, Black & White, Oct 2004
Chess Trivia - Chess Olympiad Trivia, Black & White, Nov 2004
Chess Trivia - Chess Computer Trivia, Black & White, Dec 2004
Chess Trivia - Death of Chessplayers, Black & White, Jan 2005
Chess Trivia - Women and Chess, Black & White, Feb 2005
Chess Trivia - Kings and Queens and Presidents and Chess, B&W, Mar 2005
Chess Trivia - Occupations of Chess Players, B&W, April 2005
Chess Trivia - Chess and Crime, B&W, May 2005
Chess Trivia - Garry Kasparov, B&W, June 2005
Chess Trivia - Chess and India, B&W, July 2005
Chess Trivia - World Chess Records, B&W, August 2005
Chess Trivia - Religion and Chess, Black & White, Sept 2005
Chess Trivia - Russian Chess Trivia, B&W, Oct 2005
Chess Trivia - War and Chess, B&W, Nov 2005
Chess Trivia - Chess and Marriage, B&W, Dec 2005
Chess Trivia - Chess Prodigies, B&W, Jan 2006
Chess Trivia - Chess Automatons, B&W, Feb 2006
Chess Trivia - Players Who Gave Up Chess, B&W, March 2006
Chess Trivia - Older Chess Players, B&W, April 2006
Chess Trivia - Chess Pieces and Chess Sets, B&W, May 2006
Chess Trivia - FIDE Presidents, B&W, June 2006
Chess Trivia - Chess Ratings, B&W, July 2006
Chess Trivia - Chess and Drugs, B&W, Aug 2006
Chess Trivia - Cheating and Chess, B&W, Sep 2006
Chess Trivia - Chess in the Middle Ages, B&W, Oct 2006
Chess Trivia - Alekhine Trivia, B&W, Nov 2006
Chess Trivia - 2006 in Review, B&W, Dec 2006
Chess Trivia - Tournament Trivia, B&W, Jan 2007
Chess Trivia - Music, Art, and Chess, B&W, Feb 2007
Chess Trivia - Chess and Family, B&W, March 2007
Chess Trivia - Chess and Politics, B&W, April 2007
Chess Trivia - Chess Quotes, B&W, May 2007
Chess Trivia - Blindfold Chess, B&W, June 2007
Chess Trivia - Chess and Drugs, B&W, July 2007
Chess Trivia - Trivia, B&W, Aug 2007
Chess Trivia - Chess and IQ, B&W, Sep 2007
DB (database) Books by Bill Wall (see (70 books)
Abrahams, Not Only Chess
Adams, Mikhail Chigorin
American Chess Congresses (2nd, 3rd, 4th)
Assiac, The Pleasure of Chess
Berry, Diamond Dust
Brady, Profile of a Prodigy
Budde and Carl and Klein, Perlen der Schachspielkunst
Capablanca, A Primer of Chess
Chernev, 1000 Best Short Games of Chess
Chernev, The Bright Side of Chess
Chernev, The Chess Companion     
Chernev, The Russians Play Chess
Chernev, Wonders and Curiosities of Chess
Chernev & Reinfeld, The Fireside Book of Chess
Collins, My Seven Chess Prodigies
Donaldson & Tangborn, The Unknown Bobby Fischer
Dumont, 200 Miniature Games of Chess
Dumont, Chess: More Miniature Games
Dunne, The Complete Guide to Correspondence Chess
Evans, Chess Catechism
Evans, Evans on Chess
Fiske & Morphy, The Chess Monthly, Volume 1
Foldeak, Chess Olympiads 1927-1968
Golombek & Hartston, The Best Games of C.H.O'D. Alexander
Hebert, Border Wars III
Hoffmann, Chess Gladiator
James and Hartston, The Master Game
James and Hartston, the Master Game Book Two
Karpov, Miniatures from the World Champions
Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes
Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes II
Koltanowski, TV Chess
Lasker, Chess Strategy
Lasker, Lasker's Manual of Chess
Lees, The Chess Games of David Lees
Levy, 1976 US Computer Chess Championship
Levy, The Games of Gligoric
Lombardy & Daniels, Chess Panorama
Lombardy & Daniels, US Chess Championship
Marfia, 1982 US Open
Marfia, 1984 US Open
Mason, The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice
McCormick & Soltis, The US Chess Championship, 1845-1985
Messere, The Potter Memorial
Napier, Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess
Platz, Chess Memoirs
Rattmann, Leonid Stein
Schiller, Whiz Kids Teach Chess
Schonberg, Grandmasters of Chess
Smith, Smith-Morra Gambit
Soltis, Catalog of Chess Mistakes
Soltis, The Great Chess Tournaments & Their Stories
Spence, Vienna Gambit Tournamnet 1903
Steinkohl, Blich nach draussen
Wall, 300 King's Gambit Miniatures
Wall, Grob's Attack
Wall, Larsen's Opening
Wall, The 1990 World Chess Championship
Walton, The Benko Gambit
Wenman, 100 Chess Gems         
Wenman, 111 Selected Problems
Wenman, 175 Chess Brilliancies
Wenman, Gems of the Chess Board
Wicker, 200 Modern Brilliancies
Wieteck, 50 mal Matt im 20 Zug
Wincor, Baroque Chess Openings
White & Mansfield & Gamage & Eaton, A Century of Two-Movers
Znosko-Borovsky, Traps on the Chessboard
Articles for Chessville
Addicted to Chess
The Age of Learning Chess
Celebrities and Chess
Chess and other Occupations
Chess in the Movies
Strange But True
Quick Dutch Lessons
Quick French Lessons
Quick Italian Lessons
Quick Spanish Lessons
Articles for (California Chess History)
Bogart and Chess
California Celebrities Who Play(ed) Chess
California Chess Reminiscences
California Chess in the 1930s
California Chess in the 1940s
California Chess in the 1950s
California Chess in the 1960s
California Chess in the early 1970s
Koltanowski, George
Reshevsky in California
Steiner, Herman
Articles at
19th Century Chess
2001: A Chess Space Odyssey
Age of Chess Learning
Alekhine and the Nazis
Annoy Your Opponent
Art in chess and copyright
Basic Chess Endings
Best Chess Players
Bogart and Chess
Cambridge Springs 1904
Cheating and Chess
Chess Addict
Chess and Art
Chess and IQ
Chessplayers who gave up the game
Celebrities and Chess
Correspondence Chess - A History
Countries and Chess
Cuba and Chess
Death of chessplayers
Duchamp and chess
Endgame References on the Web
Famous People Who Play Chess
FIDE history
Humans vs Computer
Lawsuits in Chess
Chess links for beginners
Man Executed After Killing Cellmate Over Chess
Mentality and Chess
Middlegame - What to Do
Nobel Winners and Chess
Older Chessplayers
Opening Frequency
The Chess Pieces - A History
Pillsbury's Brain
Politics and chess
Principles of Chess
Records in chess
Religion and chess
Scholastic Chess
Shabalov wins 2007 US Championship
Strongest Chess Player
World War II and chess
The chessplayer's widow
Scholastic Chess Anecdotes
Women and Chess