List of Bill Wall's Chess Subjects
by Bill Wall

1.b4 - a history
1990 World Chess Championship, Karpov-Kasparov
18th century chess
19th century chess
2001: A Chess Odyssey
2700 Club
300 Kings Gambit Miniatures, 1982
500 Alekhine Miniatures, 1994
500 Blackmard Diemer Gambit Miniatures, 1999
500 Caro Kann Miniatures, 1991
500 Center Counter Miniatures, 2001
500 English Miniatures, 1990
500 French Miniatures II, 1995
500 French Miniatures, 1984
500 Indian Miniatures, 1990
500 Italian Miniatures, 1987
500 Kings Gambit Miniatures II, 1996
500 Kings Gambit Miniatures, 1986
500 Pirc Miniatures, 1993
500 Queens Gambit Miniatures II, 1988
500 Queens Gambit Miniatures, 1985
500 Ruy Lopez Miniatures, 1986
500 Scotch Miniatures, 1997
500 Sicilian Miniatures, 1983
500 Vienna Miniatures
700 opening traps
Aagaard, Jacob
Abrahams, Gerald
ACM computer chess
actresses and chess
Adams, Michael
Adams, Weaver
addict, chess
Addison, William
advertising and chess (I and II)
advice in chess
advice in choosing a move
age of player when learning chess
Ajeeb automaton
Alekhine and Lasker
Alekhine and the Nazis
Alekhine and World War II
Alekhine quotes
Alekhine short games
Alekhine, Alexander
all in the family
Amar (Paris) Opening
America, Early and chess
American Open 1969
American, early chess clubs
Amsterdam and chess
An Invitation to Chess
analyzing your games
Anderssen, Adolf
Anderssen's opening — 1.a3
anecdotes, chess
annoying your opponent
APCT chess miniatures
archaeology and chess
armed forces and chess
arrested chess players
art and chess
artificial intelligence and chess
artists and chess
Asimov and chess
astronauts and chess
astronomy and chess
athletes and chess
Atwood, George
bad chess
bad luck in chess
Baku 2016
banning chess
baseball and chess
Basman, Michael
bedlam chess
benefits of chess
Benko Gambit
Benko, Pal
Berliner, Hans
Bernstein, Ossip
best chess player
best games of chess
bibliography in chess
Binet, Alfred and chess
biographies of chess players
Bisguier, Arthur
black chess players
Blackburne Shilling Gambit
Blackmar Diemer Gambit
blindfold chess
blogs — chess
blunders in chess
Bogart and chess
Boleslavsky, Isaac
books, chess
books, new (humor)
Botvinnik, Mikhail
Bourdonnais - McDonnell match, London 1834
Bourdonnais, Louis de la
Brady, Frank
brain and chess
Bronstein, David (1924-2006)
Brooklyn Castle and I.S. 318
Brooklyn Eagle and chess
Browne, Walter
Bryne brothers
Budapest Defense
Burn, Amos
cable chess
calculation in chess
California and chess
California chess reminiscences
Cambridge Springs 1904
Canada and chess
Candidates tournament 1959
Capablancas endgame boner
Carlsen, Magnus
Carroll, Lewis and chess
cars and chess
cartoons, chess
Catholics and chess
celebrities and chess
Celebrity Chess (humor)
Chajes, Oscar
cheating in chess
checkers vs. chess
checkmate types
checkmate, quick
Chernev, Irving
ches engines
chess book collectors
chess book dealers
chess books — best
chess clocks
chess club, how to start
chess clubs
chess column editors
chess columns
chess computers, early
chess history, 1800 to 2016
chess players (birth, death)
chess problems, history
chess set, selecting
Chess X.X chess program
chessmen, a history
chessplayers who died young
Chigorin Club
Chigorin, Mikhail
China and chess
chronology of chess
christmas knight (the knight before Christmas)
chunking theory in chess
classification of chess openings
Cochrane, John
code-breaking and chess
collectors — chess books
Columbus, Christopher and chess
Combe, Robert
comic books, chess
comic strips, chess
composers, chess
compositions and studies
compositions, chess
computer chess history
computers and chess
Congress and chess
correspondence chess
correspondence chess trivia
cosmonauts and chess
countries I have played in online chess
countries that chess players switched to
crime and chess
criminals and chess
Cuba and chess
dangers of chess
Darwin awards in chess
database, chess links
Dayton Chess Club history 1957-1987
death and chess
deaths of grandmasters
Deep Blue
Denker, Arnold
diabetes and chess
died playing chess
doctors and chess
drug testing and chess
Duchamp, Marcel and chess
Dunst Opening, 1994
Dunst, Ted
Durkins Attack — 1.Na3
earliest chess games
earliest references to chess
eccentric chess players
education and grandmasters
Einstein and chess
Elo, Arpad
Encyclopeadia of Chess Openings (ECO) names
Encyclopedia of Chess
Endgame book review
endgame references
endgame tips
endgames, teaching
engines, chess
epigrams of chess
ethics in chess
etymology of chess
Evans, Larry
evergreen game
evolution of chess openings
Excelling in Chess
excuses in chess
Expert, how to become
facts about chess
famous people and chess
fiction and chess
fictional chess players
FIDE categories
FIDE history
FIDE member countries
FIDE trainers
Film, chess errors in movies
Fine, Reuben
Fireside Book of Chess
firsts in chess
Fischer and Morphy
Fischer, Bobby — chess opponents
Fischer, Bobby — chess quotes
Fischer, Bobby — chess tournaments and match record
Fischer, Bobby — early years
Fischer, Bobby — father
Fischer, Bobby — games
Fischer, Bobby — losses
Fischer, Bobby — references
Fischer, Bobby (1943-2008)
forfeit in chess
Franklin, Benjamin and chess
From Russia with Love
future chess
gambits, chess
Gelfand, Boris
Geller, Efim
geography of chess
Gligoric, Svetozar
Google chess books
grandmasters — chess miniatures
graves of grandmasters
Greco, Gioacchino
Grob — 1.g4
Grobs Attack, 1988
Gufeld, Eduard
hackers and chess
hazards of chess
heart attack and chess players
Helms, Hermann
high school chess champions
Hippo and Old Hippo opening
histogram of chess ratings
Historians, chess
history of chess
hobbies of chess players
Hollywood and chess
Homes, Sherlock and chess
Horoscope, chess
Hou Yifan
How Bad Is Your Chess
How to Reassess Your chess book review
humor and chess
IBM and chess
immortal game
Immortal Game, The — book review
Internet and chess
intuition, chess
IQ and chess
Janowski, Dawid
Jefferson, Thomas and chess
Jerome Gambit
jobs of chess players
joys of chess
KAISSA chess program
Kamsky, Gata
Karpov, Anatoly
Kasparov, Garry
Kennedys and chess
KGB and chess
Khalifman, Alexander
King Arthur and chess
kings Gambit miniatures — classic games
Kings Gambit short games
knight moves
Koltanowski, George
Korchnoi, Viktor
Kosteniuk, Alexandria
Krazy Kat opening
Kubrick, Stanley and chess
languages and chess
Larsen, Bent
Larsens Opening
Larsens Opening, 1986
Lasa, Tassilo von der
Lasker, Emanuel
Laskers penetrating queen
lawsuits and chess
Levy, David
Lewis, William
Life Magazine and chess
limericks and chess
Lipschuetz, Solomon
literature and chess
Lithuania and chess
London 1851 International
long-lived chess players
losing in chess
losses in chess
Loyd, Sam
MacHack chess program
magazines, chess
Manhattan Chess Club
Maroczy, Geza
marriage and chess
Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez
Marshall Chess Club
Marshall, Frank
masters vs. beginners
masters, minor
mate types
math and chess
mathematicians and chess
McDonnell, Alexander
Mednis, Edmar
memory and chess
Menchik, Vera
mentality of chess
middle ages and chess
Mieses, Jacques
miniatures, chess
mistakes about chess in movies and TV
money and chess
Morphy, Paul
Morphy's laws of chess
Morphy's opponents
mother-daughter chess
movies and chess
music and chess
musiciands and chess
mythology and chess
Nabokov, Vladimir
Najdorf, Miguel
Nakamura, Hikaru
Napoleon and chess
New Orleans and chess
New York City chess
news - chess in the news
nicknames of chess players
Nimzowitsch, Aron
nobel prize winners and chess
North Carolina chess
Northwest chess
Not Only Chess
notation, chess
notation, a history
Nottingham 1936
occupation of chess players
oddities in chess
off the wall chess trivia
old in chess
older chess players
oldest in chess
oldest references to chess
Olympiad, chess - Dubrovnik 1950
olympiads, chess
online chess magazines
opening frequency
openings with animal names
openings, chess (by ECO)
openings, chess (by moves)
openings, chess (by name)
Orangutan Opening — 1.b4
Orangutan, 1989
Orwell and chess
Oscar, chess
Owens Defense
Owens Defense, 1986
Palo Alto and chess
Paris 1867
patrons, chess
penalties in chess
periodicals, chess
Petrosian, Tigran
Philidor, Francosi Andre Duncan
physical fitness and chess
physicists and chess
Piatigorsky, George and Jacqueline
Pillsbury's brain
poets and chess
politicians and chess
politics and chess
Polugaevsky, Lev
Pomar, Arturo
postal chess
Presidents and chess
principles of chess
prisons and chess
prizes in chess
problems, chess
prodigies, chess
psychology of chess
public chess boards and tables
pulp fiction and chess
puns, chess
puzzles in chess
quarterly for chess history
quit — chess players who quit
quiz in chess
radio and chess
Rand, Ann and chess
ratings in chess
records in chess
Reinfeld, Fred
relatives of chess masters
religion and chess
Reshevsky, Samuel
resign, how to
restaurants and chess
Rice Gambit
Rou, Lewis and the lost manuscript
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques and chess
Russia and chess
Russian chess players
Rybka chess engine
sacrifice in chess (the art of sacrificing)
Saint Teresa, patron saint of chess
Saint-Amant, Pierre
Sarratt, Jacob
Scachs D'amore
scandals in chess
Schmid, Lothar
scholarly chess articles
schools and chess
science fiction and chess
science fiction writers and chess
Scientific American and chess
scouting and chess
Searching For Bobby Fischer
searching for chess information
Seirawan, Yasser
Seirawan and openings
Sevastianov, Vitaly and chess
Shakespeare and chess
short games of chess
short lives of chess players
simultaneous displays
Sinquefield Cup 2014
Smith-Morra Gambit
Smith-Morra Gambit Accepted, 1992
Smith-Morra Gambit Declined, 1993
smoking and chess
Smyslov, Vasily
So, Wesley
Sochi and chess
software, chess
sore losers in chess
speed chess
Spielmann, Rudolf
spies and chess
sports players who play chess
spouses of chess masters
stamps and chess
Stanley, Charles
statistics on chess players
Staunton chess design
Staunton vs. Saint Amant, Paris 1843
Stauntonn, Howard
Steiner, Herman
Steinitz-Zukertort, 1886
street chess
Swedish and Scandinavian chess club
Swifties, chess
Szen, Jozsef
Tacoma Chess Club
Taimanov, Mark
Tal Tales
Tal-Fischer blitz: Herceg Novi 1970
Tarrasch, Siegbert
Teach Yourself Better Chess
team chess names
telegraph and chess
tempers in chess
Tennison Gambit
themed chess pieces
Thomas, Sir George
thought in chess
tiebreaks in chess
tips in chess
Titanic and chess
top rated players
tournaments in the 1800s
tournaments, a history
tragedies in chess
traps in the opening
trivia, chess
trivia, chess II and III
Turk automaton
TV and chess
TV, chess errors in TV
U. S. chess championship 1845, Stanley vs. Rousseau
U.S. chess champions
U.S. Junior Chess
U.S. Open 1956 — Omaha
U.S. Open 1970 — Boston
unbeate chess records
United Arab Emirates (UAE) and chess
unlucky chess players
unorthodox openings
USA vs USSR radio match 1945
value of chess pieces
values of chessmen
variants of chess
Vidmar, Milan
violence and chess
Walker, George
Wall chess biography
Wall chess publications
Wall, Bill — tourament record
Wall, Bill — Wikipedia
Wall's chess acquintances
Wall's chess books
Wall's chess opponents
Wall's chess travels
Walls' who play chess
Ware Defense 1.e4 a5
Wayne, John and chess
weak chess countries
Weinsteins and chess
Wells, H. G. and chess
What is Chess — quotes
Whos who in chess
Whos who in New England chess
why I love chess
widow: I am a chess players widow
Wilkes-Barre/Traxler variation
women in chess
wonders and curiosities of chess
world chess champions
world chess championship trivia
world chess championship, 1886
World Chess Championship, 1972
World Chess Championship, 1975
World Chess Hall of Fame
World Open
World War II and chess
World Women's Championship
Yusupov, Artur
Zweig, Stefan

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