Chess search

There are a number of sites that I use to search for chess information.  Here is a list of some of those sites.

Ad Forum ( found 62 ads mentioning chess in a keyword search of “chess.”

Allmovie ( found 62 movies with “chess” in its search results.

The ArtCyclopedia ( has 20 artists with “chess” in its title.

Bing ( is a search engine.  It came up with 23,500,000 results in its search for “chess.”

The British Library ( is searchable and has over 24,000 items on chess.

The British Newspaper Archive ( chess search resulted in over 19,000 pages found.  This archive is subscription-based.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1841-1955 (, showed 19,592 matches for chess.

California chess history ( has many chess history archives of California chess.

The California Digital Newspaper Collection ( provided 6998 hits on the search for “chess.”  The oldest article about chess is dated in 1847.

Carnegie Mellon library ( found 450 items when the word “chess” was searched.

Chess Archaeology ( has links to old newspapers, journals, online chess periodicals, and a gallery of pictures.

Chessbase database ( allows you to search chess games from a 6 million game database. has 21,782 game collections you can search on.

The Cleveland Public Library holds the largest chess collection in the world.  A search of chess came up with 21,399 items.  All 30 of my books show up in the list.

The comic book database ( listed about 50 story names with “chess” in the title.

The Computer History Museum ( found 9690 hits for the search world “chess.”

The Daily Script ( found 101 scripts mentioning chess.

Fantastic Fiction ( found about 20 books with a chess theme.

Fictiondb ( showed 121 search results for “chess” as a theme.

Fiction Finder ( gives 736 book titles after a “chess” search as the keyword.

Fulton County ( has hundreds of articles of chess on its Old Fulton NY Post Cards page.

The Guardian ( newspaper came up with 10,700 hits while searching for “chess.”

Google Books has thousands of chess book available online or downloadable in pdf format.

Google News search provides the latest in chess news.

Google Newspapers ( gives 171,000 results on the search for “chess” in the newspapers.  The earliest chess article is from 1970.

Google Search is always good.  Just putting in “Bill Wall” plus chess gives me 24,500 results.

Harvard Library ( is searchable and has 939 chess books online.

The Hathi Trust ( is a digital library.  A search for “chess” resulted in 256,007 hits.

Herrick stamp company ( found 53 items with a chess theme.

The Huffington Post ( shows 12,600 results when searching for “chess.”

Hulu ( has over 100 clips on chess.

IMDb ( is the Internet Movie database.  Searching for chess shows up in 703 titles.  Searching for chess in the trivia section gives me 185 hits.  There are 150 hits in the biographies section.  There are 36 hits for chess quotes.  Movies with chess search came up with 500 titles (

The Internet Archive ( has over 1,900 hits on chess, from movies to books to software downloads.  Everything is in the public domain, so it is free.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database ( has around 200 items with chess in its title.

Jinny ( came up with a list of 109 titles that mentioned chess in the movies.

The Ken Whyld Foundation ( for the bibliography and history of chess is a good source.  It has a list of chess graves and obituaries.

All issues of Life magazine are online.  A search for chess shows 10 issues with chess mentioned or photographed.

The Library of Congress ( search of their US Newspaper Directory gave 74,938 hits for chess.

LocateTV ( came up with 30 TV shows mentioning chess in its episode.

The London Times ( posted 7393 results after a search of “chess.”

The Los Angeles Times ( showed 35,510 hits on the world “chess” in its archives.  The oldest article dates to 1882.  Other historic results linked to ProQuest and newspapers includes archives from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hartford Courant, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune.

LyricFind ( came up with 485 songs after search results for “chess.”

Lyrics World ( had thousands of hits after doing a search on “chess.”

The Max Euwe Centrum ( has several items and articles on chess.

The Mechanics’ Institute ( as 1869 hits for “chess” in its search query.

The Metropolitan Museum of art ( found 490 pieces of art related to chess.

National Geographic ( has dozens of articles and photos on chess.

The National Library of Australia ( came up with 252,946 hits when searching for the world “chess.”

The Netherlands library ( has a large chess collection.  A search on chess gives 15,447 hits.

The New York State Historic Newspapers ( came up with 20,380 pages searching for the world “chess.”   Chess is mentioned as early as 1815 in some of the newspapers.

The New York Times ( has 64,300 results from a search of chess.  The oldest article mentioning chess comes from an article written in 1958.

New Zealand’s Paperpast ( comes up with 86,865 results for chess in its search of the New Zealand newspapers.

The Newspaper Archive ( had over 740,000 articles about chess, published in the United States.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art ( found 77 items matching “chess” in its search query.

The Princeton Library ( has thousands of chess books and articles.  A search for “chess” came up with 39,886 chess articles.

The San Francisco Chronicle ( search result for chess resulted in 4043 hits.

ScienceDirect ( showed 23,358 hits for the word “chess” in its search query.

Scientific American ( search provided 180 results for chess.

SimplyScripts search for chess gives me 393 hits in movie and TV scripts.

The Smithsonian ( has 1010 chess entries after a keyword search.

Sports Illustrated ( had 1580 results when searching for “chess.”

Time Magazine ( search results for chess has over 1,000 hits, from 1925 to the present.  Its most recent article was called “Bill Gates Meets His Match in Chess.”   Online, it is a video of Magnus Carlsen beating the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, in a game of chess in just over a minute.

The TU Delft University of Technology ( library found 191 “chess” items in its online search, search for “chess” came up with about 30 titles.

The University of Amsterdam ( had 76,887 hits for the search word “chess.”

The Washington Post ( shows 2822 hits when “chess” is searched for.

Yahoo! ( has thousands of pages for chess.

YouTube has thousands of chess videos and movies.

Zillions of Stamps ( found 188 items searching for “chess” samp.