Chess in 1898

by Bill Wall


In 1898, Kriegspiel was invented by journalist Michael Henry Templeton in London.


In 1898, Pillsbury operated Ajeeb in Coney Island.


In 1898, Herbert William Trenchard (1857-1934) scored 27 zeros (most ever), +1, =8, at Vienna.


In 1898, Eric Zepler, a German composer, was born.  He was the first professor of electronics.


On Jan 14, 1898, Maurice Fox was born in the Ukraine.  He won the Canadian championship 8 times.


On Jan 21, 1898, Charles A. Gilberg died in Brooklyn, aged 62.  He was the author of several chess books.  He had over 1,500 chess books in his library. (source: The Decatur Daily Review, March 1, 1898)


On March 7, 1898, Eugenio Szabados was born.  He was an International Master.


On March 23, 1898, Stefan Fazekas was born in Staoraljaujhely, Hungary.  He was British champion in 1957. 


In April 1898, Pillsbury won the 7th US championship in a match vs Showalter. (+7,-3,=2)


On June 24, 1898, the Texas State Chess Association was formed in Dallas.


In July 1898, Pillsbury and Tarrasch tied for 1st at Vienna;  Tarrasch won the in playoff and $1,500.  Pillsbury won $1,000.


On Aug 26, 1898, Vladimir Vukovic was born in Zagreb.  He was an International Master.


On Sep 11, 1898 William Winter was born in Medstead. He won the London championship 5 times.  He was British champion in 1935 and 1936.


In October 1898, the first Texas Chess Championship was won by Otto Ballard of Dallas.


In October 1898, George Stanfield, age 45, died suddenly of a heart attack while playing chess at the Fulton Chess Club. (source: New York Times, Oct 28, 1898)


On Nov 12, 1898, Kenneth Harkness was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  He developed the USCF rating system.


On Nov 24, 1898, Henry Hookham died in Christchurch.    He was New Zealand champion in 1890.