Chess in 1890

by Bill Wall


In 1890, Jackson Showalter defeated Samuel Lipschutz in a match, Louisville.


In 1890, El Ajedristica, the first true automaton, was built byTorres y Quevedo.  It was able to play rook endgames.


In 1890, a chess club was formed in Honolulu, Hawaii.


In 1890, THEORIE UND PRAXIS DER ENDSPIELE by Johann Berger was published.


In 1890, the Traxler variation was introduced by Karel Peter Traxler (1866-1936).


In 1890, the Albin Attack was introduced by Adolf Albin against Csank, Vienna.


In 1890, Chigorin beat Steintz in a telegraph match.


On Jan 22, 1890, a large fire broke out in New Orleans.  It burned down the New Orleans Chess, Checkers, and Whist Club, including its chess library, valued at $15,000.  The chess club had one of the most valuable libraries in the world, including a lot of Paul Morphy memorabilia.    Morphy’s relics, score sheets, autographs, portraits, and stationary were all destroyed.  (source: New York Times, Jan 23, 1890)


On Jan 29, 1890, Preston Ware died in Boston, aged 69.  He was an American chess player.


In Feb 1890, Showalter won the 2nd US championship, held in St Louis.  It was the the 3rd Congress of the US Chess Association.


On April 9, 1890, Norman Whitaker was born in Philadelphia.  He was an American International Master.


In July 1890, Bertold Lasker and Emanual Lasker tied for 1st in a tournament in Berlin.


In September 1890, the automaton Ajeeb was at the Mechanics’ Institute Fair in San Francisco.  It took on all comers in chess and checkers.  It was also exhibited at the State Fair at Sacramento.


In Nov 1890, Max Judd defeated Jackson Showalter in a match, 7-3.


In Dec 1890, the first city of London championship was won by Rudolf Loman (1861-1932).


On Dec 9, 1890, the 3rd world championship match, Steinitz vs. Gunsberg, started in New York.  Steinitz defended his title against Isidor Gunsberg (1854-1930) of England (born in Hungary). Their match was held at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York. Steinitz won with 6 wins, 9 draws, and 4 losses. Steinitz received 2/3 of the total prize money ($3,000), and Gunsberg received 1/3. This was the first time a loser of a match took a share of the purse.


On Dec 27, 1890, Walter Grimshaw died in Whitby, England.  He was a chess composer.