Chess in 1882

by Bill Wall


In 1882, the NimzoIndian Defense was first played, by Englisch against Steinitz.


In 1882, the Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club was founded.


In 1882, the Toronto Chess Club played the Detroit Chess Club by telegraph.  This may be the first telegraph match between the USA and Canada.


In 1882, the first time the Sonneborn-Berger tiebreaker was used, at the Liverpool Chess Club.


On Feb 26, 1882, Paul Journaud, died.  He was an editor of several chess magazines.


In 1882, Frideswide Beechey was the first woman to win a prize as a composer of chess problems.


In 1882, James Mason made 72 consecutive Queen moves against Mackenzie, in London.


In 1882, the first Italian chess column was published.  It appeared in the Enganeo, a Padua paper.


On Jan 13, 1882, Samuel Standidge Boden died of scarlet fever in London.  He was 55 years old.  He was a strong British chess player.


On April 12, 1882, Kenneth Samuel Howard was born.  He was a chess problem composer and chess author.


On May 11, 1882, the longest chess winning streak came to an end.  Steinitz won 25 games without a loss, which began on 4 Aug, 1873.


On May 28, 1882, Frederick Edge died at King’s College Hospital in London, aged 52.   He was a chess journalist and good friend of Paul Morphy.


In June 1882, Steinitz and  Winawer tied for 1st in the Vienna International.


In July 1882, the Moscow Chess Club championship was held.  Durnovo and Schmidt tied for 1st place.


On Oct 2, 1882, Ossip Bernstein was born in Jitomir, Ukraine.   He was Moscow champion in 1911.  He was awarded the Grandmaster title at its inception in 1950.


On Oct 12, 1882. Akiba Rubinstein was born in Stawiski.  He won the championship of four countries. 


On Oct 30, 1992,  Oldrich Duras was born in Prague.  He won the Czech championship 3 times and the German championship


In December 1882, Frideswide Beechey was the first woman to write a chess column.


On Dec 11, 1882, Frank Graves was born in Alvarado, TX.  He was USCF President in 1954.


On Dec 27, 1882, Alexandre Rueb was born in La Haye.  He was the first FIDE President.