Chess in 1860

by Bill Wall


In 1860, Carl Hamppe won the Vienna tournament, Steinitz 2nd.


In 1860, the Olympic Club opened in San Francisco.  It was one of the best gymnastic clubs in the country.  It also had a chess room.


In 1860, Lowenthal wrote MORPHY'S GAMES OF CHESS with Morphy's assistance.


In 1860, Boden's mate, mate by 2 Bishops, was played by Boden in London.

Around 1860, Alessandro Guardassoni (1819-1888) painted “Autoportrait.” 

Around 1860, Arthur Boyd Houghton (1836-1875) painted “The brother and sister of the artist playing chess.”

In 1860, Joseph Clark (1834-1926), a British painter, sketched “Chess Players.”  He then painted “Chess Players,” sometimes called “Checkmate.”  He showed the painting to the Royal Academy in London in 1860.

Around 1860, William Daniels (1813-1880) painted “The Chess Players.”  It depicts a warehouseman named Mr. Breeze playing chess with his brother-in-law as Mrs. Breeze brings in some refreshments.  Daniels was known as the Rembrandt of Liverpool.

In 1860, Staunton published CHESS PRAXIS, his 4th and final book in Bohn's series.  It also contained the code of rules for chess.


In 1860, the first helpmate by Sam Loyd was created.  Black moves first.


In 1860, Abraham Lincoln played chess while living in Springfield, Illinois.  It was noted that he played a fair game.  (source: Janesville Daily Gazette, Nov 20, 1860)


In 1860, Stanley edited a chess column in the MANCHESTER WEEKLY.


In 1860, the USA had 87 chess columns.


In May 1860, Mrs. Lafayette Lee and Mr. U. G. Flowers sat down to play a game of chess in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  During the game, Mr. Lee, who was standing behind Mr. Flowers looking on, pulled out a pistol and shot his wife after a quarrel about Mrs. Lee wishing to visit her mother.  He then aimed his pistol at Mr. Flowers, but Mr. Flowers pulled out his own pistol and shot Mr. Lee 5 times, killing him.  Mrs. Lee was in critical condition, but survived.  (source: Nashville Union, June 2, 1860)


On June 20, 1860, Walter Penn Shipley was born.  He was a chess organizer and patron.


In July 1860, the Harvard Chess Club played the Yale Chess Club in a chess match.  The Yale team won.  Some religious journals wrote against different colleges playing chess matches as it encouraged betting on the events.  (source: New York Times, Aug 18, 1860)


In August, 1860, the HISTORY OF CHESS was published by Duncan Forbes (1798-1868) in London.


On August 11, 1860, Otto Blath was born in Tata, Hungary.  He created the longest chess problem, 290 moves.


On August 28, 1960, Kolisch won the Cambridge knock-out tournament.


On December 29, 1860, Gyula Makovetz was born.  He edited Hungary's first chess magazine.