Chess in 1854

by Bill Wall


In 1854, the first problem-solving chess contest, held in London, was won by Walter Grimshaw (1832-1890).


In 1854, the helpmate was invented by Max Lange.


In 1854, the New Orleans Chess Club was formed at 16 Royal Street.


In 1854, Howard Staunton sold the Chess Player’s Chronicle to R. B. Brien.


In 1854, the Max Lange attack was analyzed by Max Lange.


In 1854, Paul Morphy took an interest in astronomy.  While at Spring Hill College, he was a member of the Philomatic Society (an association of persons who love sciences) and delivered an astronomy lecture on the discovery of Neptune, which occurred in 1846 by astronomer Johann Galle in Berlin.


In 1854, Robert Cleland was born in New Zealand.  He won the 12th New Zealand Championship in 1899.


In 1854, Lowenthal wrote a chess column for The Era magazine.  It lasted for 13 years.


In 1854, the Danish Gambit was 1st analyzed in a German chess magazine.


In 1854, Peter Fyfe was born in Scotland.  He was a chess player and composer of chess problems.  He died in 1940.


On January 10, 1854, Louis Uedemann was born.  He was an American chess master.


On May 16, 1854, David Forsyth was born in Alness, Scotland.  He was New Zealand champion in 1901.  He Invented the Forsyth notation.


On June 13, 1854, Walter Gledhill was born in Leeds, England.   He was a British chess player.


On July 4, 1854,  William Branch was born in Hastings.  He was a chess historian.


On July 5, 1854, The Turk was destroyed by fire in the Chinese Museum (formerly Peak's) in Philadelphia.


On July 21, 1854, Walter Gattie was born in London.  He won the 1st British Amateur Championship in 1886.


On September 8, 1854, Elijah Williams died of cholera during the cholera epidemic in London.  He left behind an orphan son, Elijah, Jr., aged 10 months.  He was the editor of The Field chess column.


On November 1, 1854, Isidor Gunsberg was born in Budapest.  He was German champion in 1885.  He was World Chess Championship Challenger in 1891.  He died in 1930.


On December 3, 1854, David Graham Baird was born.  He was an American chess master.


On December 11, 1854, the 1st meeting of the Mechanics' Institute chess club in San Francisco was held.