Chess in 1852

by Bill Wall


In 1852, Elijah Williams published a book about The Divan.  150 games were included.  The book was called Horae Divanianae.


In 1852, Daniel Harrwitz defeated Elijah Williams in a match in London.


In 1852, the Brooklyn Chess Club was formed.


In 1852, the “Evergreen Game” was played in the Anderssen-Dufresne game in Berlin.


The oldest chess club in Holland, the Royal Dutch Chess Society "Discendo Discimus" in The Hague, was founded in 1852.


In 1852, Elijah Williams defeated Bernhard Horwitz in a match in London.


In 1852, Pierre St.-Amant and Charles Stanley drew a match in New York.


In 1852, The Chess Tournament, London 1851, was published by Staunton.


In 1852, Theodor Lichtenhein (1829-1874) emigrated to the US.  He was a Prussian officer and a chess master.


In 1852, the time limit of 20 minutes per move was introduced in the Harrwitz-Lowenthal match.  Lowenthal won with 4 wins, 1 loss, and no draws.


In 1852, Alexander Wittek was born.  He was an Austrian player and architect.


In 1852, Horwitz was appointed chess professional in Kling's coffee house.


On November 9, 1852, Oscar Gelbfuhs was born in Sternberg, Czechoslovakia.  He invented a tie-breaking method for chess.


On December 26, 1852, Joseph Babson was born in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts.  He was a chess composer.


On December 28, 1852, Leonardo Torres y Quevedo was born.  He was the inventor of the 1st chess playing machine, solving king and rook vs. king endgame.  He died in 1936.