Chess in 1834

by Bill Wall


In 1834, George Walker wrote a chess column for Bells Life.  It continued until 1873.


In 1834, Jacquest Chamouillet (1783-1872) was in the committee of Paris in the London vs. Paris correspondence match, and he convinced the Paris team to adopt the defense advocated by Jacques Mouret, which became known as the French Defense.


In 1834, Jacques Mouret, former operator of the Turk, sold the secret to a magazine (Le Magasin Pittoresque). It was the first authentic revelation of the Turk.  The article was called An attempt to analyze the automaton chess-player of M. Kempelen.


In 1834,  the Westminster Club played a correspondence chess match with the Cafe de la Regence. 


In June 1834, the first match of consequence, the La Bourdonnais-McDonnell match, was played.  The first match was 25 games.  Bourdonnais won (+16-5=4)


In October 1834, La Bourdonnais won overall in a series of 6 matches against McDonnell.  He played 85 (some say 88) games (+46-26=13)


On December 1, 1834, The Turk was exhibited in Charleston, SC.


On December 8, 1834, Otto M. Tennison was born.  The Tennison gambit (1.Nf3 d5 2.e4) is named after him.  He served with the Union forces in the US Civil War as a Lieutenant Colonel.