Chess in 1775
by Bill Wall

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In January 175, Caroline Howe wrote a letter to Benjamin Franklin, inviting him over her house in London to play chess. [source: Founders Online, letter dated Jan 7, 1775]

In 1775, Philidor spent his first chess season at the Parsloe's Chess Club teaching chess (and music) for one crown, giving simultaneous and blindfold exhibitions, and playing chess with the regular members of the London chess clubs. He spent his morning hours at musical composition. Philidor sent every penny of his salary to his family back in Paris.

In 1775, Philidor published Analysis of the Game of Chess; a new edition, greatly enlarged. It was printed by Elmsley, in the Strand, in London.

In 1775, Traite des amateurs was published by three French players — Bernard, Carlier, Leger, and Verdoni. The book ran to four editions, the last in 1873. The authors were members of the Society of Amateurs associated with the Cafe de la Regence.

In 1775, Prince Potemkin and Catherine the Great played chess.

In 1775, George Bogle, a Scotsman, was sent on a mission to Tibet. He found that the Tibetans played chess, but the rules were slightly different. The privilege of moving two squares is confined to the first pawn played by each player. Castling was unknown and players could get help from onlookers. [source: Murray, A History of Chess, 1913, pp. 368-369]

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