Chess in 1773
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1773, chess was used in Goethe's play, Gotz von Berlichingen. Goethe played chess with his actors.

In 1773, Wolfgang von Kempelen visited Paris and demonstrated the automaton Turk.

In 1773m Carl-Gottlieb von Windisch, a friend of von Kempelen, wrote an account of the Turk in provincial German newspapers.

In 1773, Philidor made a brief visit to London and played chess at the Salopian coffee house at Charing Cross, and the St. James Chess Club.

In November 1773, Philidor revised his Ernelinde Princesses de Norvege, and called his new revision Sandomir, Prince de Danemark (changing the heroine to the hero and changing to another Scandinavian country). Philidor's music was performed at the Theatre Gabriel at the Palace of Versailles in celebrating the wedding of Count d'Artois, age 16, brother of Louis XVI, and Maria Theresa of Savoy, age 14. The performance at Versailles was on December 11, 1773. (source: Alain White, "Philidor's Ernelinde," Our Folder, Oct 1922, p. 29)

In 1773, Benjamin Franklin played chess with Sir John Pringle (1707-1782), a British physician, in London.

In 1773, Thomas Jefferson bought several chess books, including those by Greco and Stamma.

In 1773, the Journal Encyclopedique published an article on the Knight's Tour.

In 1773, a third edition of Philidor's book, Chess Analysed, was published in London.

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