Chess in 1771
by Bill Wall

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In 1771, Philidor made a brief trip to London and played chess at the Salopian coffee-house on Charing Cross. Philidor also played chess at the St. James Chess Club.

In 1771, chess was used in the theater in Le Bourru Bienfaisant (the Beneficent Bear), a French prose comedy. A drawing room has some couches, armchairs, a table, and a chessboard.

In a letter from John Foxcroft on January 14, 1771, John noted that his brother, Thomas, would like to travel with Benjamin Franklin because they could play chess. John Foxcroft wrote "I believe he [Thomas] will be able to afford you some small amusement at that Noble Game of chess, which you so deservedly prefer before all others."

On June 17, 1771, Benjamin Franklin dined with the Bishop of St. Asaph's (Dr. Jonathan Shipley). Franklin wrote, "She (Katherine French) has provided chess players for each day (Wednesday and Thursday)."

On August 3, 1771, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Robert Skipwith suggesting that chess should be played as part of every evening's joy.

In 1771, J. R. Lucotte designed a 'Regence' pattern chess set. The set was illustrated in Encyclopedie Methodique in 1771.

In 1771, a re-printed German edition of Philidor's book was published in Strasburg. Its title was Die Kunst im Schachspiel eitn Meister zu warden.....gewiesen nach den neuesten Mustern des beruhmten und itzelbenden grossen Schachspielmeisters.

In 1771, Denis Diderot (1713-1784) encouraged Philidor to go England to secure the publication of an expanded edition of his chess treatise.

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