Chess in 1766
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1766, Aaron Alexandre (1766-1850) was born in Hohenfeld, Bavaria. He was a rabbi, wrote several chess books and once operated the automaton Turk. In later life, chess became his primary occupation. He introduced the algebraic notation and the castling symbos O-O and O-O-O.

In 1766, Count Carlo Cozio (1715-1780) published Il giuoco degli scacchi (The Game of Chess) in Turin, Italy. It was published by the Stamperia Reale as two volumes and was 700 pages long.

In 1766, Benjamin Franklin's Morals of Chess was reprinted by printer James Humphreys (1748-1810).

In 1766, Philidor's third son, Frederic Danican Philidor (1766-1821) was born. He worked in a spinning factory in Bayeux.

In September 1766, for the anniversary of music composer Jean-Philippe Rameau's (1683-1764) death, Philidor composed a requiem which was performed at the Oratorio.

In 1766, Philidor composed Douze ariettes periodiques.

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