Chess in 1757
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1757, Philidor was rebuffed by the Paris Opera, especially by Francois Rebel (1701-1775) a major French composer and opera director. 1

In 1757, Benjamin Franklin, while in New York, requested from his wife several chess books in his book shelf. 2

In 1757, Benjamin Franklin purchased an expensive chess set while living in London. It was made of fruitwood and was French in origin. It was a Regency design chess set.

In 1757, Ercole del Rio (1718-1802) played several chess games with Giambattista Lolli. Several positions from their games were used In a future collection of chess problems. 3

In October 1757, Philidor composed Te Deum, a Christian hymn of praise, for the birth of Charles X (1757-1836), Count of Artois, and later king of France.

On December 6, 1757, Benjamin Franklin purchased a copy of Philidor's chess book, L'analyze des echecs , from Thomas Osborne while in London. 4

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