Chess in 1752
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1752, Francosi-Andre Danican Philidor (1726-1795) left Potsdam and spent 8 months at Arolsen (today Bad Arolsen), Germany. Philidor was the guest of the Prince of Waldeck. Philidor also spent time at the Court of the Landgrave of Hess-Cassel in Germany for three weeks. [source: The Chess Players Magazine, June 1, 1867, p. 167] Philidor also visited Dresden and Leipzig.

In 1752, the Gottingen manuscript was presented to the University of Gottingen by Dr. Frederick Borner (1723-1761). The Gottingen manuscript is the earliest known work devoted entirely to modern chess. The author is unknown and may have been written as early as 1497. [source: Murray, A History of Chess, 1913, p. 783, footnote 9]

In June 1752, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) of Philadelphia wrote a letter to William Strahan (1715-1785), his London bookseller, to cancel a chess book buy (Phillip Stamma's Essai sur le jeu des Echecs) because his chess partner, David Martin (1696-1751), died. Martin served as First Rector and Professor of Greek and Latin at the College of Philadelphia. [source: "From Benjamin Franklin to William Strahan, 20 June 1752,"]

In 1752, a French edition of Greco's The Royall Game of Chess (Le Royal Jeu des Echecs) was published in London, Amsterdam, and Leipzig. Thomas Jefferson later bought this edition.

In 1752, a new edition of La plus nouvelle academie universell des jeux was published by the Academie in Paris, Amsterdam, and Leipzig. It was first published in 1730.

In 1752, Philidor's L'Analyse des Echecs was reprinted in London, Amsterdam, and Leipzig. There were English and French versions.

In 1752, Le plaisant jeu des Eschez by Claude Gruget was published in London.

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